Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Will you?

When I'm irritable, will you overlook my idiosyncracies and stay silent?
When I turn to walk away, will you stretch out your arms and pull me close?
When I'm in the wrong, will you be patient and hear me out?
When I apologize, will you look surprised and ask me what it was all about?
When I'm feeling ugly, will you pretend to be a stranger and check me out on the streets?
When I get frisky, will you drop everything and love me for hours?
When I'm feeling low, will you sit beside me and comfort me by just being near?
When I want to be alone, will you stay away but be close enough to watch over me?
When I'm quiet, will you understand and not be affected by my moods?
When my tears are falling, will you smile knowingly and kiss them all away?

When I ask for too much, will you roll your eyes in exasperation and tell me you love me anyway?

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